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Multi-National Peacekeeping Force
Beirut, Lebanon

October 23, 1983

"They Came In Peace"

"At approximately 0622 on Sunday, 23 Oct. 1983, the Battalion Landing Team headquarters building in the Marine Amphibious Unit compound at Beirut International Airport was destroyed by a terrorist bomb. The catastrophic attack took the lives of 241 Marines, sailors and soldiers and wounded more than 100 others. The bombing was carried out by one lone terrorist driving a yellow Mercedes Benz stake-bed truck that accelerated through the public parking lot south of the BLT headquarters building, where it exploded. The truck drove over the barbed and concertina wire obstacle, passed between two Marine guard posts without being engaged by fire, entered an open gate, passed around one sewer pipe barrier and between two others, flattened the Sergeant of the Guard's sandbagged booth at the building's entrance, penetrated the lobby of the building and detonated while the majority of the occupants slept. The force of the explosion [12,000 pounds] ripped the building from its foundation. The building then imploded upon itself. Almost all the occupants were crushed or trapped inside the wreckage."
-DoD Commission Report

This website is dedicated to the 270 KIA while serving as Peacekeepers of the
Multi-National Peacekeeping Force, Beirut Lebanon 1982-1984
To the 220 Marines, 18 Sailors, and 3 Soldiers (241) KIA on October 23, 1983
To the Survivors who will forever live with the memory of that fateful day
To the Beirut Veterans who, after returning home, struggled with PTSD and took their own lives
And to all their Families
~Semper Fidelis~

We also honor and remember the attack on the French barracks, the eight-story 'Drakkar' building, two minutes after the Marine attack, 58 paratroopers from the 1st Parachute Chasseur Regiment were killed and 15 injured.


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